• Heidi DuBois

Health and Beauty through Reflexology

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Did you know that the face is an important source of information about the health of the body? Freckles, wrinkles, dimples, scars, acne, and moles can give information about possible internal imbalances in our bodies. Where these these signs appear are not accidental and we can use that information to interpret more precisely the origin of the imbalance. Chan'beaute' is a method of facial reflexology based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to improve both health and beauty. Through aesthetic work, Chan'beaute' takes advantage of the ability to relieve pain and re-balance the flow of energy in the body.

For instance, the crows feet wrinkles around the eyes are in the reflexology zone that may be associated with the hands (the head is also in this zone). Your practitioner may ask you questions about anything that might be going on in your hands such as pain, discomfort, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or maybe even a cut or scar. Through stimulating that area both on the face and on the hands comfort may be improved as well as the wrinkles around the eyes.

Chan'beaute' works on the principles of yang and yin. Yang is stimulating, produces heat, stirs up nutrients and brings them to the surface of the skin, works to break up wrinkles. Yin is cooling, refreshing, moisturizing, and smoothing. Depending on what is going on in your body the reflex zones of the face may be stimulated in different ways to bring balance to the skin and the associated area of the body. For someone who has redness or rosacea, the practitioner would use more yin to cool and refresh the skin. For someone with a dull and chronic pain, yang would be used to stimulate. On the other hand, if the client is experiencing very sharp and acute pain, yin would be a better treatment.

The best part of the Chan'beaute' method is that clients can purchase the MultiReflex tools to use at home to work on their skin. Through doing their "homework" clients will experience healthier and more vibrant skin as well as a balancing in their bodies. As an example: a client who is experiencing frequent urination at night would spend a few minutes using their Chan'beaute' tool to stimulate the chin. The chin is the zone of the bladder and through stimulating that area it would help to tighten and tone the bladder resulting in less frequency in waking up at night. Pretty cool, right? There are points and zones that can be stimulated to improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, regulate hormones, increase libido, calm anxiety, improve skin elasticity, and even boost the metabolism. In addition, the MultiReflex tools and the Chan'beaute' methods can be used to improve scars, cellulite, stretch marks, a double chin, and varicose veins. The options are endless!!!

While the principles behind facial reflexology may seem complicated, your practitioner will work with you to explain the methods and teach you to stimulate the zones that most beneficial to you. By stimulating the skin, it also promotes the body's natural healing process. You will find that your products will last longer as you will need to use much less of them. Be sure to use products that are of good quality without parabens or other toxins which absorb easily into the skin. Book your Reflexology Facial today and experience this amazing treatment!