• Heidi DuBois

Permanent Hair Removal without Laser?!?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Save yourself money and time shaving with Relax & Wax's enzyme hair removal gel, Hair Did it Go?. Hair Did it Go? (HDIG) is an enzyme used after waxing to retard hair growth. It works by filling in the vacant hole in the hair follicle after waxing. Hair needs oxygen to live, and the enzyme blocks and surrounds the root suffocating it. Results are noticeable in just 1-2 treatments with a thinning of the hair which also makes waxing much less painful. Laser-like hair removal results are achieved in 5-15 treatments depending on the thickness and coarseness of the hair. Much like laser hair removal, maintenance will be required 1-2 times per year after the full results are achieved.

For excessive hair growth due to hormonal issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or hormone replacement therapy, the hair will continue to grow back, but it will be much thinner, blonder, and more manageable. It is applied after plucking the hair and has results similar to HDIG, but can be used at your convenience. Because hair growth is hormonal, however, those with excessive hair growth due to hormonal issues will not experience the full effects of the treatment, but the results will be very noticeable and make an embarrassing problem much more tolerable.

Where can HDIG be used? Anywhere! Most of our clients start using it with Brazilians, bikini area, or full face. However, many of our clients also use it on their underarms, legs, back, arms, and even the toes or in the nose! The enzyme is applied immediately after waxing and then the remainder of the enzyme is sent home with the client to apply as often as possible the next 48 hours. The sooner the enzyme is used, the better the results will be. It is possible to use the same vial for two smaller areas such as underarms and upper lip. Each vial is $15 in addition to the price of waxing so it's much more cost effective than laser hair removal!!!