• Heidi DuBois

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Products

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Sontuosa is proud to be carrying the Nefeli line of skin care products that are formulated to enhance the effects of the Gua Sha Facial and restore your skin's natural internal balance. Nefeli's unique line of herbal skin care products is the only anti-aging line designed by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine specializing in facial and body rejuvenation, licensed acupuncturist, and Certified Herbalist with over 20+ years of clinical experience in facial and body rejuvenation. Jackie has trained with Dr. Ping Zhang herself and we are very excited to be one of the exclusive Beauty Boutiques that carries this all natural line as well as offering the Gua Sha Facial!

The herbs used in Nefeli's products act as healing agents and work under the skin at a cellular level and beyond. Rhodiola, Ginseng, Pearl, Astragalus, and Reishi Mushroom are some of the natural, herbal ingredients used to restore balance, detoxify, and build the skin's defense mechanism (against aging and inflammation). All of the natural herbals used in the making of the Nefeli products are of the highest quality and formulated to maximize their beautifying properties and benefits. The Nefeli Skin Care line consists of beauty creams, serums, masks, cleansers, exfoliators, toners, and especially the White Jade stone tool that works to infuse the products deep into the skin for a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Rhodiola root is loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidant nutrients, essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins. The Legend of Rhodiola- During the Qing Dynasty, a general and his army were battling barbarians in the desert. After fighting for several days, the exhausted men were given rhodiola to restore their energy. The refreshed men went out and won the battle. Nefeli uses this herb to replenish the skin's vitality and restore it's youthful glow.

Chinese Reishi Mushroom is know as the "skin magic herb". It is a powerful antioxidant with specially strong effects for bringing radiance to skin tone and helping to improve wrinkled skin conditions, discoloration, and age spots.

Ginseng is the king of Chinese herbs. It is a superior energy (Qi) tonic that addresses wrinkle concerns by rejuvenating skin cells, relieving skin fatigue and promoting microcirculation in the skin. The Legend of Ginseng- In a small mountain village in China, ginseng was harvested daily. Workers did not take the herb but carried it to nearby villages to be sold. As the years went by, the villagers' bodies and faces would age normally, but their hands remained youthful and supple. Just by touching the ginseng plants, their hands benefited from their rejuvenating properties.

Astragalus- A major Qi tonic and antioxidant that firms up sagging facial skin by energizing the skin itself while ridding it of toxins

Pearl- A mineral considered an herb in the Chinese tradition. Packed with 17 different amino acids and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium,copper, selenium, silicon, titanium, ferric oxide, and silica. Many of pearl's components are involved in DNA and RNA metabolic activity helping promote and accelerate cell renewal. Pearl also has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. The Legend of Pearl- the Last Empress: who was renowned for her youthful radiance would take a freshly crushed pearl and place the powder on her wrinkles. Using a stick of Jade, she would massage the pearl powder into her skin, rubbing away the wrinkles.

The Nefeli line includes products specially designed to diminish the appearance of sun damage and dark spots, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, calm sensitive skin, and clear up acneic skin. They will detoxify and balance the skin leaving it looking clear and radiant at all times. Best results are achieved when home care is combined with regular Gua Sha Facials for a lifting and toning effect. Using the Jade Stone Gua Sha tool at home will enhance the effects of the Nefeli products. As always, we are always happy to recommend the best products for your skin to keep you looking radiant and youthful!

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